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An anklet for young ladies

Please give best size in inches of child's ankle size in the "add a note" box at checkout in order to provide best fit. If you have any trouble, no worries... someone will contact you before her bracelet is made. Namaste.

Rhodochrosite –The pink stones
This is a pink stone associated with the heart and root chakra’s. “Anahata” and “Muladhara.” This stone promotes unconditional love.  Rhodochrosite can help heal a broken heart, as well as emotional issues. It is a very useful stone for deep forgiveness toward another being, especially if they have caused pain that they cannot go back and change.  It is especially linked to healing issues of self-worth, as well as past wounding. You can also wear this crystal to attract love and meaning in current relationships, or new relationships.

White Howlite– The White and Gray-swirled Stones
Calm & Cleanse! Howlite is a crown chakra stone, or “Sahasrara.”  May you feel a strong connection to eternal and infinite, divine spirit. This stone is useful when connecting with one’s higher consciousness.  White Howlite helps to calm and soothe the mind and energy fields. It is also known to promote patience, balance all of the chakras, and assist with deep sleep.

The tiny, blue stones are glass, seed beads in a sea-glass colored theme.

This bracelet was handmade, energy-charged and prayed over for YOU!

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