The Mermaid’s Cove®️ Anklet (boho-chic & mystic stack)

The Mermaid’s Cove®️ Anklet (boho-chic & mystic stack)

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Make a statement from your higher-self this summer with our glass, seed-bead & High-Grade Morganite Crystal anklet, The Mermaid’s Cove®️.

This boho-chic anklet-stack features Morganite; a gorgeous, pale-pink stone known as The Stone of Divine Love. It is believed to help the wearer attract or improve, as well as joyously grow wonderful relationships based in divine love and truth!

Free shipping, handmade in the USA, custom-sized to orde and high-quality, elastic-stretch design. 

*** Be sure to denote size preferace using the “anklet sizing chart” found in The Mermaid’s Cove®️ product photos. You may leave your size using the “add a note” box on the last page of checkout. Don’t worry, someone will contact you if needed✌🏻

Mystic, Lovely, Beach-Chic, The Mermaid’s Cove®️ Ankle Stack