The Beautiful Body Bracelet®️

The Beautiful Body Bracelet®️

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Custom-sized, high-grade crystal bracelet.

Are you serious about a HEALTHY body goal?

Do you have a desire or intention to transform your body in a healthy way; or a way that YOU are comfortable with AND EXCITED ABOUT?

Or perhaps you simply want to respect your body more... either emotionally or physically; perhaps both!?

Love the skin you’re in and be grateful for whatever wellness you have; we will build from there!
The Beautiful Body Bracelet®️ features natural crystal stones linked to weight management, appetite control, self-control, total healing and cleansing, eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors and more!

Clear quartz


Blue Apatite

This piece also includes a small, tumbled, high-grade and energy-charged CARNELIAN crystal; a sacral chakra stone to support sacred sexuality, self-respect, creativity, healing, protection and vitality.

Your order is handmade, custom-sized, prayed over and energy-charged. It includes free shipping, a beautiful description and blessing of empowerment and healing in your name.

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