Soul Purpose Power Bracelet - Tiger's Eye

Soul Purpose Power Bracelet - Tiger's Eye

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Tiger's Eye is a favorite stone for connecting to one's soul purpose gifts, talents and purpose here on earth.
 It is known to assist the user with identifying, understanding and utilizing their strengths and passions.
Why we are not all born wearing one, we'll never know. Ha!
It is an earthy stone and is great for grounding: connecting the user with their strong intuition and what they know is right yet helping them to remain grounded in order to not only "deal with" but "Thrive within" life's events, circumstances and situations... basically reality!


Our Power bracelet's are made of high grade crystal stones. 

Each order also includes:

Custom-sizing; essential oil, interfusion blessing; personal blessing or message if desired and FREE SHIPPING!

Please mark provided boxes for size, age, personal message (optional) and closure bead (birthdate for zodiac closure or simply write "unisex closure" for plain, silver bead).