Rose Quartz Healer Bracelet with clear quartz chunk

Rose Quartz Healer Bracelet with clear quartz chunk

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Our custom sized, high-grade rose quartz energy charged bracelet’s are handmade to order.

It includes a raw chunk of high-grade clear quartz (known as a Master Healer), description of the stone’s, free shipping and each is prayed over and blessed with a powerful reiki & crystal energy charged, essential oil interfusion!

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular and beloved crystal stones.

💖 It is the stone of unconditional love including love of all types: platonic, self, romantic, friendship, family and universal love, forgiveness, attraction, acceptance, release and forgiveness.💖

Please include your sizing preference by referencing the sizing charts found in product images (one for women and another for children). You may dictate sizing in the  “add a note “box found at check out. Namaste