Positive Energy Power Bracelet - Blue Amazonite

Positive Energy Power Bracelet - Blue Amazonite

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You are a powerful co-creator of your own reality. Everything is energy and you can consciously decide what you allow to move in and move out of your body, heart, mind and soul. May you be open to receive mental clarity, grounding, abundance, balance, love and peace within and around all that is you! Amazonite is said to provide protection against negative energies - particularly electromagnetic energy from technology and the environment. It also calms and soothes. Amazonite is known to assist with balancing emotions within oneself and their surrounding's.  It also promotes personal truth.


Our Power bracelet's are made of high grade crystal stones. 

Each order also includes:

Custom-sizing; essential oil, interfusion blessing; personal blessing or message if desired and FREE SHIPPING!

Please mark provided boxes for size, age, personal message (optional) and closure bead (birthdate for zodiac closure or simply write "unisex closure" for plain, silver bead).