“The Awakening” Reiki & Crystal Energy Charged & Blessed Boho-Chic Bracelet

“The Awakening” Reiki & Crystal Energy Charged & Blessed Boho-Chic Bracelet

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Always free shipping! A delicate-design, this elastic, BoHo-chic style bracelet is made of glass seed beads and natural, high-grade Crystal, Morganite stone-chips. This stone is metaphysically linked to healing emotional trauma of the past to lift the heart and spirit and allow oneself to be open for receiving love and joy in life. 

“The Awakening”  also features hematite.  There are so many links to this powerful stone, but just to scratch the surface: it is known to help absorb negative energy and assists the user in feeling protected and grounded. It is also useful in calming stress, developing self control and providing balance and detoxification both mentally and physically. 

“The Awakening” bracelet will come to you (as all of our bracelet’s) cleansed and Reiki & Crystal energy charged with a Blessing placed upon it in your name during prayer.

Custom sized.  Please see sizing chart in product images and leave your size choice in the “add a note” box provided at check out. No problems if you forget, someone from the company will contact you💫 Namaste