“Athena” The Greek Goddess White Howlite Blessed Mala

“Athena” The Greek Goddess White Howlite Blessed Mala

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Every Mala ordered is personally prayed over with your request's; you may even leave a gift message if this is for someone else! 

Blessed with our powerful, essential oil interfusion spray, our crystal Tibetan Prayer Mala's feature the traditional 208 high-grade natural beads.

Every order includes a beautiful description of the stones.
Whether this blessed piece is for yourself or a loved one, you may provide a prayer request and/or message to be written on the description card.

FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. for our entire store!  Usually arrives within or around one week; sometimes a few days longer.

White Howlite– Calm and cleanse.  This stone helps to calm and soothe the mind and energy fields.  It is also known to promote patience, balance all of the chakras, and assist with overcoming insomnia. It is a stone of mental clarity; dissolving mind chatter and bringing in peace.

This Mala includes the below description, free shipping and a powerful blessing with our essential oil interfusion.

Your Mala is made of 8mm, natural, crystal-stone beads.  It features the traditional 108 beads, as well as Tibetan, silver metal beads with the Tibetan words for “praying.”  Your Mala may be used for meditation, prayer, fashion, chanting and repeating mantras.  An ancient tradition, still practiced today, includes holding a bead between your middle finger and thumb on the right hand, while reciting or creating your prayers, gratitude, mantras, etc.  Then move from bead to bead with each focus. 

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