The Magic Kit - A 28 Day Gratitude Practice

The Magic Kit - A 28 Day Gratitude Practice

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This is the number one kit we recommend if you are looking to change your current situation, career, relationship(s), money story, health, self-esteem, etc. or, if you are new to positive affirmations and the law of attraction!

This kit will literally change your life!

-The Magic by: Rhonda Byrne; 28 day, daily practice
-Gratitude writing journal to use with the book/practice
-"Magic Rock", as used in the book. We offer this gorgeous, "Gratitude" Sea Glass  (colors may vary)
-GRATITUDE, premium, essential oil blended, affirmation, votive candle
-GRATITUDE affirmation keepsake/bookmark

This is also a great kit to do simultaneously with a friend or loved one. Namaste'