Girl’s Emotional Balance Bracelet - The Mini Goddess®️

Girl’s Emotional Balance Bracelet - The Mini Goddess®️

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The Mini Goddess Bracelet is made with high-grade natural, 8mm crystal stone. Each one is handmade and custom sized to fit. Each order includes an Affirmation Keepsake for girl’s.

Sugegsted for ages 4-12

Intentions: Emotional balance, promotes feelings and patterns of healthy & unconditional love, deflects negative energy and electro-magnetic field’s

Stones: Amazonite & Rose Quartz

Please specify desired size in inches via the “add a note” box at checkout. there is a chart within the product images to help you with sizing.

Each premium bracelet is handmade and sized in the USA by They are each prayed over and blessed with our powerful essential oil interfusion before shipping. 

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Unleash her inner strength, balance and resilience!