The Practice of Positive Affirmations & Life Intentions

Beloved Customer / Soul Sister or Brother,

Why Affirmation Kits? Why intention-setting? Why does the consistent practice of reading, speaking and believing positive affirmations work to achieve or improve the human experience?
Why does our company believe in focusing our thought-energy on she/he whom is our higher-self? 

Why are we so powerful and joyous? How are we loving ourself and others more unconditionally every, dang day? How can YOU achieve this?

(Oh, Look! It's even centered.  Get it? Alignment... centered... okay, bite me)

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Expectation is defining what your point of attraction is at any given time, whether it is negative or positive.  Unconditional joy; unconditional positive expectation (is what is required to align with a manifested change in your reality). The vehicle (may not be) there yet, but the joy about (the intention) is. 

*paraphrased from the Abraham teachings

So, do you want to play?

Watch the correlation between
A) what you think and feel about a subject and
B) what actually happens.
The key being, what you deeply and consistently feel about the thought. This is your "dominant vibration."

The absolute most important concept we can beat you over the head with is to concentrate on finding a way to feel joy as you spend time in prayer/meditation/focus sessions with these daily affirmations, products and kits.

Persistent thoughts become beliefs and when those beliefs develop emotions they turn into manifestations within your experience; aka they become your reality. Change what you expect for your life! 

We love you so. You are right on your path and we love you very much.

Tina Merryman, CEO & Founder

Soul Energy Shop, LLC