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Welcome to The Home of Positive Affirmations & Life Intentions for Women, Children & Teens©
We believe every soul has the ability to find and expand their purpose.

We help our customers recognize the difference between the critical mind and their higher-self; surviving through life versus co-creating their life.  Our company supports a heart-centered approach to life instead of leading with ego, fear, past trauma and self- limiting beliefs.  Our customers discover the light-worker inside through resilience and the power to manifest a life which aligns joyfully and peacefully with soul purpose.

An affirmation is your consistent, internal and external dialogue.   A belief is a thought you keep thinking.
Positive or Negative, your thoughts become your beliefs.
Beliefs are the structure of one's standards, actions, reactions and expectations.
You are a powerful being with free will, a co-creator of your own reality.
As the artist of your life, your affirmations are the watercolors and your beliefs guide the stroke of the brush amongst the canvas.  Let's Paint!

Soul Energy Shop, LLC began with the inspiring resilience of one little boy, the founder's son.  

Matthew was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer at the age of one, which was in 2009.  Matthew’s story is quite unique and every day, he is the epitome of resilience, joy and a life fulfilled. He is pure love; pure positive source energy.

Even from the age of one, much on his own and with some help from family, Matthew began using positive beliefs, affirmations, gratitude and daily practices.  It was astounding what sort of bravery, joy and social intuition he held at such a young age and through so much contrast.
This dominant vibration was able to attract his ideas and experiences (and his family's).

Matthew's family, physicians, educator's and surrounding community realized the magnitude of his practiced will to live in joy no matter what.

At Soul Energy Shop, we have witnessed how being aware of your vibration (your dominant emotions and beliefs) can change an individual's reality. Our thought's become beliefs and our beliefs become our experience.

Our goal is to provide inspiring gifts, as well as, practical strategies and exercises for identifying one's current standards for self, others, and the world around them, to ultimately affirm the positive life and purpose they came here to live.




Our company's sole and "soul" purpose is guided by our passion for introducing people to the resilience, integrity, worthiness and ultimately purpose and fulfillment that lives within them.  This is the "soul's energy."
The mission of Soul Energy Shop, LLC is to inspire consistent, focused practices of affirmation and mindfulness that become lifelong mentalities, and automatic strategies and beliefs toward one's life experience and intentions.
No matter where we have been or what we have experienced, with a little guidance and consistent practice, we all have the opportunity to co-create the pure joy we came here to experience.
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