Yin & Yang Bracelet’s

Yin & Yang Bracelet’s

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Balance, Completeness, Harmony!

We created these traditional “distance bracelets” in order to balance any disconnect or separation between male and female energies.  Though most popular as “couples bracelets” in order to be within one another’s presence even when apart; these are often used by one person with the goal of balancing the male and female energies within themselves.  A big theme here is to blend and aggressive action-based approach to goals (masculine) with a creative and intuitively-guided approach (feminine).   The aim is to be passionately inspired into impulse and guided action rather than taking fear-based action; meaning if I don’t do this… this will or will not happen!  These bracelets are also popular between friend’s and any loved ones with whom he would like to share a reminder of your important and soul deep connection❤️

Our featured bracelet stack for Valentine’s Day; the White Howlite and Lava Stone bracelet’s can both be custom-sized for him and her; her and her; him and him or YOU; included in price!

Use code: CUPID at final checkout for $3 off (and free shipping on our entire store) in honor of Valentine’s Day approaching!

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