Maternal Blessing Bracelet

Maternal Blessing Bracelet

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For mother’s-to-be and those divine feminine  whom have mothered for years! This bracelet is linked to  patience, peace, balance, intuition, and deep connection to the divine feminine.  

The hand that rocks the cradle’s rules the world

💜 This bracelet, as all of our pieces, will be prayed over and blessed with a powerful Reiki & Crystal energy charged, essential oil interfusion.

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💜This bracelet includes a keepsake blessing-bookmark and description of the crystal stones.
Natural, High-grade stones: Moonstone, Amethyst & Amazonite.

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Designed and hand-made in the USA!

Moonstone is said to bring forth inner truth and reveal parts of your soul’s forgotten journey.
Moonstone is known as the magic of the moon and is often called the Divine Feminine stone.
It is is a great for supporting the shifting cycles between fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
The moonshine holds the secrets of our inner truth, often hidden.
These are the beautiful, milky chips you see surrounding the amethyst.

Amethyst is an all-purpose stone. often used for protection, luck and drawing in abundance.
This is the purple stone.
Amethyst is linked to helping uncover your eyes from blind optimism or pessimism to recognize and accept truth. It is a meditative, calming stone linked to supporting peace and balance. 
It can be used to assist with eliminating impatience and is useful in the physical, spiritual, intellectual and psychic planes.
A mother’s intuition perhaps?! It is also linked to sleep aide.

Amazonite is the stone bead you see most often in this powerful and blessed piece. Amazonite is a strong, natural stone for balancing the male and female energies, helping one maintain a feeling of emotional balance.  Amazonite is also linked to communication, particularly with help in telling the truth to oneself and others.  This stone is awesome to use with affirmations (the practice of affirming thoughts and beliefs in your life through repetition of words either internally or out loud).   Amazonite holds a strong vibrational frequency and metaphysical properties linked to the throat and hearts chakra’s, Vishuddha and Anahata.
Use it to maintain calm and stable emotional reactions, even in moments for having to come forward and speak your truth.  
Amazonite is linked to healing emotional issues, healing the chakra’s, clearing stressful energies or traumas, and bringing harmony to a space such as the home, office, or clinic.

May you understand that the light inside of you hold’s great purpose and being another is a true blessing.  The hand that rocks the cradle truly does rules the world. Namaste.