Soul Stack®️ - emotional support bracelet - Best Seller!

Soul Stack®️ - emotional support bracelet - Best Seller!

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Soul Stack - Emotional Balance Bracelet 

Cleansed and Reiki & Crystal Energy Charged, Blessed and prayed over in your name✨

Custom-Sized!  Please see sizing chart in product images and let us know your size preference in the “add a note” box provided at check out.

💚please also include any prayer requests or intentions you’d like to set for when your bracelet is charged and prayed over💚


This high-grade, natural stone bracelet stack features Amazonite!

Amazonite provides protection against electro-magnetic energy fields (EMF).  It is known to promote peace, calming and healing of mind-chatter.  Amazonite is known to relieve stress and balance yin and yang, our masculine and feminine energies. It opens the heart-center, promoting love and truth. 
Amazonite is often used as a heart and throat chakra stone, “Anahata” and “Vishuddha”, respectively, and many crystal workers consider it very effective as a third-eye chakra stone to open and enhance intuition, “Ajna.”

Soul Energy Bracelet’s© are designed and hand-made in the USA by Soul Energy Shop, LLC.

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