Clarity & Self-Truth Power Stack

Clarity & Self-Truth Power Stack

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White Howlite for clearing mind chatter, supporting mental clarity and inner peace; stress relief and clear discernment.

Blue Lace Agate for understanding and expressing personal truth with integrity (what you stand for - both recognizing, accepting with positivity and expressing this). It is also known to foster tranquility (a calm and peaceful mind and spirit by decreasing one's deep negative emotions).

Natural crystal stones.  Custom sizing included and there is a space to provide this. Sizing charts for men, women and children are all provided in product images.

You may also provide a personal message in the space provided (I.e.: a personal blessing for us to use when we charge your bracelet, or a blessing to be said and a message to be written out with the stone description card if this is a gift).

These bracelet’s will be prayed over and charged with our essential oil interfusion. 

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