Angel’s Influence Stack®️

Angel’s Influence Stack®️

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Angel's Influence Stack®️

May you know the protection and pure love that surrounds you. Your angelic guides and loved one’s past, the angel’s and the spirit of the divine are with you always.  You have a strong gift of faith.  May you awaken and strengthen your intuition, connection and purposeful channels for angelic communication and support. You are so loved. 

High grade crystal beads: Blue Apatite, Amazonite  and silver Angel Wings charm.  Blessed and charged with a powerful essential oil interfusion.

Open the third eye, connection to higher-self and divine guidance.  Also promotes emotional balance.


Please see sizing chart in product images and denote your preference in the “add a note” box at checkout. Please also include in that box any intentions you would like us to use during the energy-charge and any prayers for the blessing!