Personal Power Session© For Focus Tray

Personal Power Session© For Focus Tray

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Hello, Purposeful Soul,

Are you ready to unleash? Ready to overcome, manifest, gain clarity and achieve? It is time to really LIVE THIS LIFE!

This product selection begins with a PERSONAL POWER SESSION©

🔶Step One:

Youwill receive an email or text message within one business day from check out to schedule a Personal Power Session© with our Life Coach and CEO, Tina Merryman.

The session is traditionally done over FaceTime or ZOOM (but phone is an option if video chat is not available to you). The session will run between 30 and 40 minutes (of AMAZING time spent).

This Personal Power Session®️ will guide Tina toward the items for your potential tray/kit, which may focus on blocks for you to overcome, desires to manifest, gifts to enhance, past issues to release and more.  Tina uses a combination of five theoretical influences to approach the session. Utilizing mindfulness, positive psychology and a respect for your individualism, you and Tina will co-pilot the conversation to draw out the “meat” of what would assist you in aligning with your maximum capacity for a life of integrity, pleasure and purpose! This is ironic as she eats a vegan diet!

Objective: Ease your vibration into a place that is aligned with your greatest good. We will spend most of the time on things that spark joy, whether this before and adult or a child.  Yes, we live Marie Condo (not familiar?!😱Look her up)! We will however touch on relationships, past experiences and future fears that may be causing unhappiness or resistance in your life.

The Personal Power Session®️ is a powerful time to stop and have guided focus on what your truth is regarding things to surrender or eliminate (there is a difference and Tina will break this down) and what to replace those with. Hint: steadily increasing joy and appreciation to match the energy of, and open the path to, PROSPERITY in all life facets!

You will speak about your “joy”; desire for goals, achievements and manifestations (regarding love, wealth, career and more) and what presently makes you “butterflies in the tummy” kind of happy!


The items that are suggested for an actual tray (or kit) are different for everyone. They are tools to assist you with alignment, healing, moving on, manifestating your emotional or physical intentions and more.  This session is appropriate for individuals aged 7+

Persons under 18 will require approval and signature via DocuSign from the child’s parent or legal guardian, which we will email after our initial contact.

We do not provide or replace medical treatment, advice or care.
The session and step two (below) is what you pay for today at checkout. 

🔶Step Two: Tina will design a focus tray layout (or Kit) specifically for your intentions. This may include some of the following as examples: crystals, oils, workbooks, journals, affirmation cards, candles, salts, etc.

🔶 Step Three: You choose if you would like to purchase the tray/kit. Each tray will be priced based off of the items Tina feels are needed.  If you choose not to purchase, that is totally okay!
In that case, Tina will briefly advise what crystals and chakra centers to start collecting, focusing on, or learning about in order to support the changes you would like to make or enhance in your life!

 If you choose to purchase the Tray/kit, we will make you a private order on the shop for purchase!

So, scroll back up this page, add the Personal Power Session®️ to your cart and checkout so we can book your session RIGHT AWAY!  

Tina takes GREAT JOY in hearing you share your truth, and then adding to the blessing and magnification of your purest, positive energy!

Ps:  If you would like to gift this selection to a loved one, you may still purchase this at check out now and let us know this when we contact you for scheduling.  You are also welcome to notate that in the “add a note” box provided at checkout. We can make you a gift certificate document that you may print off via email - or send electronically - as a gift!