Personal Power Session© & Focus Tray

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Hello, Goddess!  Want to use the anchoring power of crystals to set YOUR PERSONAL intentions? You have come to the right place.  This product selection begins with a PERSONAL POWER SESSION©

Step One:
Our CEO, Tina Merryman, will contact you within two business days from check out.  Together, you will schedule a Personal Power Session© over the phone.  In this 45-50 minute session, you and Tina will work together to uncover your intentions and recognize your past and present without judgement (blocks to overcome, desires to manifest, gifts to enhance, past issues to release and more).
The session is incredibly healing itself and includes a breathing and affirmation impact. That is what you pay for here, along with step two.

Step Two: Tina will design a focus tray specifically for your intentions. It will feature a hand-turned, responsibly forested Acacia Wood Tray.  The tray holds calming sand to display the crystals and chakra and/or affirmation candles that Tina will choose to help bring your intentions to the forefront.  The tray will also include affirmations and descriptions of the chosen stones and other items on a keepsake bookmark for daily use.

Step Three: You choose if you would like to purchase the tray, which also includes a stream of affirmations drafted specifically for you; a keepsake bookmark for daily practice.  Each tray will be priced based off of the items Tina feels are needed.  If you choose not to purchase that is totally excellent with us. Tina will advise what crystals and chakra centers to start collecting/focusing on.

Add to cart and we can't wait to share in and bless your energy!