My Life© Intention Bracelet's

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What are your intentions?  What is it you most want to enhance, change, accomplish or overcome?

Our Energy Cleansed and Charged Individualized, Natural Crystal Stone Stacks are made for YOUR intentions with Personalized Affirmations for Daily Practice

Abundance, Joy, Mental Peace, Fertility, Energy, Career Success, Weight Loss, Love, Overcoming Grief, Protection, Increased Libido, Healthy Detachment  from things you cannot control, etc?!

This best seller includes a Personalized Affirmation Practice Stream Keepsake. This is the Ultimate Gift for Self or Another?

Purchase this Stack and our CEO, Tina, will be in touch within two business days to get the magical process started! 
How will you be contacted? You will be prompted to choose your phone number or email as a standard form of contact as part of our checkout process; that is how Tina will reach out.

You will be sent an email or text message of introduction, prompting you to explain the intentions most true to your soul's energy.  You can choose between one and five intentions!

Tina will create your bracelet using natural, Crystal stone beads with metaphysical properties linked to aiding in your specific intentions.  Everyone’s bracelet is a stack, which is two bracelet’s designed with a combination of the stones that suit your intentions. If you prefer a natural, crystal stone bracelet based off of a color scheme instead, that is fine too. Please notate this when Tina contacts you. Each stack is Reiki & Crystal energy charged,  and prayed over for your intentions.

All of the MY LIFE©️ bracelets stacks are custom size (best estimate based off of chart seen in product images) and include personalized affirmations for you specifically, on a beautiful, keepsake book mark!

Want this for a friend?!

Order this same product and notate this when we connect.  You can either tell us the intentions for them so that their completed bracelet stack will be a surprise, or we can provide an emailed gift certificate for them to choose the intentions themselves!!