“Luna” - The Moonstone Mala®

“Luna” - The Moonstone Mala®

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Luna, The Moonstone Blessed Mala features high-grade moonstone chips on a non-stretch cord; 16-17 inch length.  

We enjoy this piece as a necklace and even a layered bracelet (depending on wrist size). Do not over stretch.  This is a delicate piece.  Moonstone is truly a gorgeous and beloved stone with a powerful yet calming divine feminine energy.  It goes with everything and you will find yourself wearing it often, if not daily!

This is a stone of new beginnings! It is connected to the waxing and waning of the moon and assists in connecting to intuition and the higher self.  It is very well linked to calming the user’s emotions.  It is often used for enhancing psychic abilities and clairvoyance, as well as bringing the subconscious to a conscious level for the user. Moonstone vibrates with a receptive, passive (gentle), empathic and feminine energy.  It is said to promote wish fulfillment and draw out old emotional patterns so they may be dissolved. Physically, Moonstone is said to assist with hormonal balance and regulation of the body’s fluids, among many other things such as health within the female reproductive system, digestion, eliminating toxins, calming hyperactivity in children and more!

This mala does not feature 108 beads like most of our traditional mala's; it has a unique theme of tumbled Moonstone chips!  It includes a description (meaning) of the stone chips and a private blessing and energy-charged.  Please add any prayer requests or intentions you would like for us to focus on when we bless and charge your piece.  You may provide this in the "add a note" box found at checkout.

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